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They say 'The customer is always right' and believe me you are - it might just take a little patient explanation and a few pertinent examples for you to realise after the event, how right you were not to have opted for that spectacular 200 balloon drop from a ceiling only 3 feet above your head. It was much better to go with the suggested confetti cannons and helium filled balloons dangling their ribbons from the ceiling above the dancefloor.

We have a great deal of experience accumulated over the years and have decorated all kinds of shape and size of rooms so if you try to order something that clearly will not have the effect you saw in a totally different shaped room at a friend's party, we will let you know & suggest an alternative - we need you to be pleased with our work and recommend us to your friends - we need you to come back again and again.

Important considerations when choosing your decor are the proportion , scale and balance of your decorations compared to the dimensions of the function room. Creating a jungle of decoration that deters the guests from circulating & having the space to enjoy themselves . . .

. . . is just as bad as having only a few simple pieces spread thinly across a vast expanse of area - the proverbial "pea on a drum".
The photo below is of a room decorated to the client's specification and she has since referred many friends and acquaintances to us - none of whom have opted for the single balloon on a weight approach to decorating this room.
See - you are always right (as long as you are pleased & come back again)!

Single balloons spread thin in a large room

The key to successful decorating is to have just the right number and size of items to create a mood or theme throughout the function space without overwhelming the senses of the guests with unneccessary extras and bold, oversized pieces.

Nicely balanced decoration for a large room with high ceiling

Few people look up at the ceiling when they are shown around a function room - those that do will seldom remember how high it was by the time they are standing in our shop asking for a 3ft exploding balloon over the dancefloor.
A good rule of thumb to determine if the ceiling is high enough for a 3ft exploder is whether the wall is around twice as high as the door you came in through.
The photo above shows the ideal height for an exploder - the pic below shows the absolute minimum height required in our view.

Minimum height of ceiling for a 3ft exploder - better with an 18in or two

A ceiling any lower than this and you run the risk of being peppered at short range by bits of balloon and confetti.
It's very difficult to visualise how really LARGE a 3ft balloon is unless you've seen one up close so here are a few picture clues - the small Christmas foil balloon is 18in across

3 foot exploder closeup  A 3 foot exploder against an 18in foil

This creates quite a problem for clients in our area as many of the function rooms don't fit the minimum height requirement for a 3ft exploder and what good is a first dance for the guest(s) of honour without a shower of 100 small balloons and a cloud of confetti to mark the occasion?

So . . . we came up with a "2 for the price of 1" deal - that is - 2 smaller 18in exploders for the price of a 3ft exploder.
These only need half the headroom but give the effect TWICE.
(The example room pictured below would easily take a 3ft exploder - but since it was a joint male & female birthday . . . they got one each !!)

Twin 18in exploders close up  Twin 18in exploders long shot

Balloon decor can enhance a variety of settings in a multitude of ways from shop windows to champagne receptions.

A gold & ivory heart in a wedding display window  6ft champagne bottle and bubbles

For some, a grand entrance may be the most important item on the agenda.

10ft spiral dancefloor arch

Whilst others may want the cake table to be seen as an important focal point.

Composite champagne bottle & glass foil balloon arrangement  Composite champagne bottle & glass foil balloon arrangement

Or should the guest tables receive the most attention?

A 21st birthday table centre-piece  bespoke centrepiece base & balloon arrangement  bespoke centrepiece base close-up  Bespoke BWFC footballer base & balloons

Anything from a single balloon in a box to table centrepieces or a complete function room decorated with arches, swags and columns, our decor may be tailored to fit your budget, the venue and the occasion.

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